Panther crochet pattern

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About the pattern

Skills level required

As most of Bookmarks patternts From LittleOwlsHut this project is for those crafters who already know how to crochet basic stitches as: chain, single crochet, increase, decrease, slip stitch. For those who need some clarifications there is a description at the end of the pattern how to work particular stitch.

Size of the bookmark

The finished Panther is about 29 cm (9 inches) long and about 3 mm thick. You can use thread to make it shorter and thinner or use thicker yarn to make panther bigger and thicker.

How it is written

Pattern is written using USA terminology. Detailed instructions followed by pictures explaining how to crochet each part of the panther makes the crochet experience easy and enjoyable. File is 13 pages long.

Ideas how to use the Panther

There is a lot of ways how you can use the project. It can not only be a bookmark but:

  • wall decoration if placed in a frame;
  • baby blanket decor if sewn on top in (in different colors);
  • put on top of a present for someone who loves panthers;
  • make using thread instead of yarn and glue on the front of a postcard.

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What People Are Saying

Kirsty Warren

Experienced crafter

"Although I have crocheted for about 20 years and prefer more complicated projects this one just so adorable that I could not resist to make for my granddaughter who loves to read "

Lean Collins


"When my daughter saw this little panther she said that my new project must be this one. Have already made 27 of them as present for all pupils in the class. Pattern is very well written and easy to understand as all LittleOwlsHut patterns”

Svetlana Zabelina

About the Author

Svetlana Zabelina is a designer specializing in patterns for beginner crocheters and knitters. Her favorite patterns are bookmarks and potholders. They are not only can be used for marking pages and holding pots but also as decoration elements for your home or clothing. Svetlana is now full time pattern writer and already published more than 120 tutorials. Some of them are now translated by LittleOwlsHut to several languages.